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About Us

We are Village M, a housing provider that strives to develop the co-living concept for young adults. Our journey commenced in October 2020 in Berlin Wedding, where we welcomed our first tenants. We currently operate in two brand new co-living buildings managing close to 500 rental units. Village M hosts a vibrant and diverse tenant community consisting of students, interns, and working professionals from everywhere around the globe.

Today’s global environment is changing faster than ever before which is why we aim to provide you with flexibility and ease of mind. Our concept revolves around offering a carefree package - all bills are included, Anmeldung is possible and the contractual conditions are favourable. Additional facilities such as a co-working space and a fitness room provide you with a balanced environment for an all-encompassing mid-term stay. All in all, we aim to provide a new form of living – for all those who would like to live life to the fullest.

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1How do I book a room?
We want you to feel comfortable right from the start. This is why we made the booking process as easy and convenient as possible. Just click here and off you go.
2Is The Village M far from my university?
The Village M is in Wedding and therefore very central located when it comes to getting to the next university.
3What do I have to pay before moving in?
As with any apartment, you have to leave a deposit of two months' rent before moving into the Village M. There is also a small processing fee. But that's it.
4Are there any other fees or government services I have to pay?
We'd like to spare you, but if you own a radio or tv, you'll have to pay the monthly broadcasting fee of € 17.50. But besides that there are no additional fees for you.
5Can I register Village M as my main residence?
Of course. The Village M is your home in every single sense.
6Can I sublet my room?
We want all residents of Village M to feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore we unfortunately cannot allow you to sublet your room.
7What does a flat rent mean?
At Village M you pay everything at once: heating, water, electricity, internet and much more. Thus, you have total cost control and can use almost all of our services as you wish.
8How long is the shortest rental period?
Village M has a minimum rental period of three months. But we are quite sure that once you have become part of our community you will not want to move out again.
9Will my rental contract be automatically extended after the lease expires?
With us there are no gag contracts. When your lease expires, we let go. But if you want to stay with us, then get in touch with us so that we can initiate the extension.
10What documents do I need?
In order to rent out a room to you, we would need you to bring the following documents:
• Photo ID
• Proof of income
• Proof of enrollment (for students)
• Guarantor (if you don’t have an income)
• A copy of the guarantor's passport
• A copy of the guarantor's employment contract
11Can I reserve a room?
Reservations are not possible. But we’ll be happy to let you know when a room becomes available.
12Where can I sign the contract?
Click here, start the booking process and your journey to Village M begins.
13What about security?
Video surveillance and locking systems provide additional security. Furthermore our community manager is always available for any kind of questions.
14Where do I put my bike?
You can of course put your bike in front of our door, but you don't have to. We also have bicycle spaces in our underground car park for all those who don’t want to leave their loyal companion outside.
15Is the apartment fully furnished?
You can nail us down on it: our rooms are fully furnished. You can move in with a suitcase. In every room you will find the following:
• a bed including slatted frame
• a mattress
• a blanket and a pillow
• a desk plus a chair
• a wardrobe
• a bedside table
• several curtain rods and curtains
• a hanging lamp
• a floor lamp
• two shelves

The rooms do not come with any additional textiles, such as sheets, duvet covers, hand and bath towels.
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Do you have any further questions?

Of course you can also contact us directly. Just write us what’s on your mind right now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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